The present document is providing the General Conditions of Use of the website published at www.weekeyrentals.com (hereinafter respectively the “General Conditions” and the “Site”), to which anyone wishing to navigate on the Site should comply. The access to the Site and every activity that implies the navigation on the corresponding web pages constitutes full acceptance of the General Conditions. If the User does not intent to accept the General Conditions, he/she must abstain from navigating on the pages of the Site. Everyone accessing the Site implicitly declares that he/she shall not use the Site and all its material for unlawful use or in any case for any use contrary to the applicable laws. The General Conditions may be modified by Weekey Rentals Srl, without giving any notice to the Users, which are in any case bound to read the conditions periodically before the access to contents of the Site. The access to the Site after these modifications implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions modified in such a way. Whereas in the pages of the Site are offered products and services or presented contents subject to special terms and conditions as described in such pages, these special conditions will prevail on the present General Conditions.


Content of the site


The web site www.weekeyrentals.com is an on-line instrument of information with the purpose of providing a wide range of promotional and commercial activities of Weekeyrentals.com, of products and services offered and on the corresponding ways to take advantage of it.

All the content of the Site (news, photos, video files, audio files, trademarks, logos, domain names, software, graphic layout, technical certification and User manuals, etc) and the corresponding rights are hereby expressly reserved and for this reason all the material can be consulted only for personal use, being expressly forbidden any other use without the express prior written permission of Weekey Rentals Srl. Different links might be found on the Site. These links could be related to third parties’ websites. The hypertext links have the only function of making the navigation easier for the User, without any sort of relationship between the content of the Site and the third party site linked. In addition, Weekey Rentals Srl informs that it has no power to control the third parties’ web sites linked to the Site and on the authenticity, correctness and adequacy of the products and/or the information contained in such web sites.


Copyright and other intellectual property rights

All the content of the Site is subject and protected by the applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. Reproduction, transmission or extraction, in whole or in part of any material contained within the Site is strictly prohibited and it is also prohibited any other activity which may damage the legitimate interest of the author and /or the other owners of rights upon the contents of the Site. The Site and all its content can be used exclusively for personal, research or educational purposes, with the prohibition of any direct or indirect commercial use, provided that the rights owner is duly quoted and no modification will take place on such contents.


As an example for the content of the Site is intended (including but not limited to) the following:





Graphs and spreadsheet


Audio reproductions

Drawings (animated or not)

Any other graphic and /or textual representation.


Therefore it is not allowed to copy and/or to reproduce in whole or in a part the content of the Site without the express authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl Weekey Rentals srl is the sole owner of all the trademarks, domain names, company names and signs present on the Site (except as provided in the next paragraph), which are protected by the applicable intellectual property laws. In the light of above any sort of reproduction in whatever shape or way without the express prior authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl of the above mentioned contents is strictly forbidden.


The User is also informed that some pages on the Site may also contain third parties trademarks, domain names, company names cooperating with Weekey Rentals Srl and to which is granted the same protection of the distinctive signs of Weekey Rentals Srl pursuant to the applicable intellectual property laws.


How to use the site

Weekey Rentals Srl informs that the content of the Site cannot be, in whole or in a part, copied, reproduced, re-published, loaded, transmitted or distributed, in whatever way or shape, without a prior written authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl , being excluded the activities of printing, downloading and displaying part of the Site’s content made for a personal exclusive use and not for commercial use, provided that all the material will not be in any way modified and that all the intellectual property information will be maintained as they appear on the Site. Moreover, the content of the site cannot be made available, in whole or in a part, through means of communications, i.e. Internet, video systems, radio waves or any other instrument without a prior written authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl.

In addition, the information and materials contained on the site cannot be used for commercial purposes in order to create any sort of database resource and cannot be stored ( in whole or in a part) in previous databases, to which is possible to access both for the creator and for third parties.


Linking and framing

Without a prior written authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl it is prohibited the creation of links to the first page of the Site (hereinafter also the “Home Page”) as currently published at www.weekeyrentals.com or to other internal pages of the Site. In any case, if any User or any third party wish to create on their website a link to the Site, they shall ask for a written authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl indicating: a) all data of the designed technical contact person where you want to insert the link to the home page ( including the email address and the telephone number); b) all data of the requesting company; c) the web address where the link will be created; d) every further useful information in order to obtain the authorization of Weekey Rentals Srl. Weekey Rentals Srl expressly bans any specific link which redirects any User or any third party to an internal page of the Site without passing through the Home Page (“deep linking”) and any automatic link (“inline linking”) which allows the User the automatic display in a specific space of images made available at the Site.


Weekey Rentals Srl expressly ban the link-frames (“framing”), which permits to a page of the Site to appear in a specific page of another site and in addition to this effect the content of the page will appear in a frame constructed for this purpose. The violation of the provisions of this article constitutes an illegal conduct also in respect of the unfair competition laws in force.


Exclusion of warranty and limitation of liability

All the content published on the Site are provided for the sole purpose of general information. Weekey Rentals Srl does not provide any warranty on its accuracy and completeness and reserves the right to modify and refresh such information without giving any notice to the user. Weekey Rentals Srl will not be held responsible for any and all damage, direct and indirect including the loss of profit due to the use or the impossibility of the use of the Site and of its contents or web sites directly or indirectly linked and for any omission or mistake.



Whenever a clause of the present General Conditions will be considered illegal, null or for any other reason ineffective, such a clause will be held separate from other clauses, without mining the validity and the effectiveness of the remaining clauses.


Applicable law and Jurisdiction

Without any limits to any different rights that the Users should be entitled to according to any national and international rules and regulations, the General Conditions will be subject and interpreted according to Italian Law (with an exception for the rules on conflicts of law), including any dispute about the existence, validity, effectiveness of the General Conditions and of any other related agreement. Provided all the above, any dispute that may arise in connection to the General Conditions and to any related agreement, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome ( Italy). By virtue of the application of Italian law, in the event of any conflict of interpretation between the English version and the Italian version of these General Conditions, the Italian version will prevail.


Company Information Weekey Rentals S.r.l., Rome, Piazza Confienza 3 (00185); phone number +39 06 87781722; PEC feelingromesrl@legalmail.it; partita Iva e codice fiscal 11983491009; numero REA RM-1341517



An apartment is booked ONLY after a client has received an official booking confirmation (hereinafter : “voucher”). This voucher contains all the details regarding the reservation: the address of the apartment, contact numbers, total amount, check in/out information etc.


The on-line booking procedure for all the properties listed on www.weekeyrentals.com is the following:

- Verify the availability of a property on calendar

- Fill out the form entering your personal data and read and accept the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions

- pay the required deposit through our secure online credit card payment or through wire transfer

- Within 48 hours Weekey Rentals can accept or not the booking request:


A) if you receive an email with the booking voucher, the booking is confirmed. The booking voucher contains all the details regarding the reservation: the address of the apartment, contact numbers, total amount, check in/out information etc.

B) if you don’t receive the email with the booking voucher, the booking is not confirmed and Weekey Rentals will refund the deposit The online Direct Booking procedure must be completed within 15 minutes from the payment request otherwise the option will expire and the booking will not be confirmed. As a consequence the property will be available for other clients. For further information you can contact us at info@weekeyrentals.com


Payment details

The payment of the deposit must be made through credit card or wire transfer; in case of additional costs, they will be charged to the client. The deposit can be between the 20% and the 40% of the total amount depending on the property, on the numbers of people, on the Season and on the additional extra requested.


The balance payment can be paid:

Cash upon arrival, only if equal or less than 1.000,00 euros;

Through credit card or wire transfer. If the client chose one of these two options, the balance must be paid at least 5 days prior to the check in date;

In case of last minute reservations (less than 5 days prior to the arrival date), the client must pay the total amount (including the additional extra services, if requested) all at once at the time of booking Through credit card or wire transfer


Tourist tax

Some municipalities apply a tourist tax. The amount is not included in the total amount and should be paid cash upon arrival.


Cancellation Policy for Apartments in Rome and Venice

All cancellations or changes must be made via email or fax. Cancellations or changes by phone are not accepted.

The guest can cancel free of charge until 14 days before arrival. The guest will be charged 30% of the total price if they cancel in the 14 days before arrival. If the guest doesn’t show up they will be charged the total price.


In the event that the guest changes the dates or the apartment, it will be considered a new booking and will be applied the standard cancellation procedures.


If, after receiving the booking confirmation, Weekey Rentals is unable to provide the client with the booked property, Weekey Rentals will offer a similar alternative accommodation. If the client do not accept this alternative accommodation Weekey Rentals will refund the 100% amount paid by the client, except for the nights already spent in the apartment, if any. Weekey Rentals Srl will not be held responsible for any of these issues.

 Cancellation Policy for Villas and apartments in the Dolomites

In case of cancellation earlier than 30 days before the arrival date: no charge

In case of cancellation between 29 and 15 days before the arrival date: 30% of the total price charged

In case of cancellation less than 15 days before the arrival date or in case of no show, Weekey Rentals will charge the total price

Security Deposit

Upon arrival guests will have to provide security deposit cash or a valid credit card number as guarantee for the apartment and its content for any damages caused. Depending on the apartment, a damage deposit ranging from 200-2000 euro will be requested. If the security deposit is paid cash it will be refunded in full at check-out, and following an inspection of the apartment. If the security deposit is paid with credit card, it will be refunded to that same credit card used for payment, within 5 days from the check out, and after inspection of the apartment. Please note that by accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that any damages caused by guests will be deducted from the damage deposit, and that guests will also be liable for any excess damages.



Check in will be directly at the property. The client must provide Weekey Rentals with the arrival time via email or by phone at least 3 days before the arrival date. The client should also call or send a text to one of the contact numbers in the booking voucher approximately 30 minutes before arriving at the property. If not, or if the client is more than one hour late, Weekey Rentals cannot guarantee the check in on time. Weekey Rentals Srl will not be held responsible for any delay. The client should bring a copy of the booking voucher with all the information on the rental and copies of all the passports. The property will be available from 3pm but if possible check out can be arranged before. In case of late check in (after 9pm) or check in on Sundays or other festivities there will be an extra charge of 25 or 50 euros. The property will be cleaned and prepared for the number of people stated in the booking voucher after 3pm. If the client notices any damage or any other issue at the moment of check in, he should immediately inform the Weekey Rentals staff otherwise he will be held responsible for it. In any case, the client will be held responsible for any damage occurred in the property during the time of his stay. Check out is no later than 10am. If possible, it can be arranged differently with an extra charge of 50% of the price for one night in case of check out by 6pm or 100% of the price of one night in case of check out later than 6pm. . If the client checks out later than agreed with Weekey Rentals, he should pay an extra fee of 25 euros. The property must be left clean and tidy. The client should take all his personal belongings. The keys must be left on the table inside the property or must be given back to Weekey Rentals.



The final cleaning and rent of the linen is not included in the price of the rent, this amount depends on the destination and the number of guests, if applicable it must be paid at the arrival to a different company:

(these prices are applicable for reservations confirmed after January 09, 2018)


1-2 persons    =    50 Euro

3-4 persons    =    70 Euro

5-9 persons  =    85 Euro


1-2 persons    =     90 Euro

3-4 persons    =   125 Euro

5-7 persons    =   150 Euro

8-15 persons  =   190 Euro


1-4 persons    =   120 Euro

5-8 persons  =   150 Euro

+8 persons = 180 euro


1-4 persons: 140 euro

5-7 persons: 170 euro

The apartment or villa will be cleaned and prepared prior to guests arrival. Before leaving, the client must leave the apartment clean and tidy. All waste should be correctly disposed. If not, there will be an additional extra cleaning charge. The cleaning services will provided by a different company other than Weekey Rentals S.r.l.



The client must give exact information regarding the number and the identity of the guests: only the people who are indicated at the time of the booking and in the booking voucher can access the property, if not differently and previously agreed with Weekey Rentals. In any case, the number of guests cannot exceed the number indicated for each property, except children under 2 years old. Pets are not allowed unless permission has been specifically granted. In case of violation of this regulation, Weekey Rentals has the right to terminate the rental agreement and to ask the client to leave the property without any compensation for the client.


Rules of conduct in the property

Since most of the properties are located in residential buildings, the client should keep quiet in respect of the other residents between 10:00pm and 10.00am. The client, on signing the contract at check-in agrees to behave responsibly and correctly on behalf of their accompanying party as well as themselves. If he, or any of the accompanying party, behaves in an unsuitable and incorrect manner, or if Weekey Rentals receive a claim, Weekey Rentals has the right to terminate the rental agreement and to ask the client to leave the property without any compensation for the client. The total amount paid for the stay and the security deposit will be withhold by Weekey Rentals.



Weekey Rentals Srl shall not be liable for any direct and / or indirect damage arising, including loss, fire, theft, criminal behavior, disease, breakdown of machinery, acts of war and / or terrorism, weather conditions or for any accident or other issues outside its control. Furthermore, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. will not be liable for closure of areas in which the service is held, if the closure is outside the control Weekey Rentals S.r.l., or this closure have not been notified on time or due to bad weather, for demonstrations and / or protests, or for traffic, or for works in the area or for any other circumstance beyond the control of of Weekey Rentals Srl. The user therefore will not be entitled to claim any compensation. For this reason, we recommend subscribing a specific travel insurance.


Extra services

All the extra services offered By Weekey Rentals S.r.l. are valid for the dates and the times indicated in the website www.weekeyrentals.com. Weekey Rentals. S.r.l. is not responsible for the information that are not directly provided through the website. All the request for the booking of an extra service should be sent via email to info@weekeyrentals.com or booked directly on the website through the Direct Booking procedure. If the booking of the extra service is completed successfully, the client will receive via email a booking voucher with all the information regarding the extra service. All the request for the cancellation or a modification of a booking of an extra service should be sent via email to info@weekeyrentals.com. If the client wish to modify the booking of an extra service, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. will try, if possible, to offer the service compatibly with the availability of the service. If not: In case of request of modification sent more than 10 days before the confirmation of the service, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. will apply a penalty between the 20% and the 50% of the total cost for the extra service. In case of request of modification sent less than 10 days before the confirmation of the service , Weekey Rentals S.r.l. will apply a penalty equal to the total cost for the extra service. In any case, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. has the right to cancel or modify the extra serviced booked, any time and for any reason, offering an alternative option. If the client will not accept this alternative option, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. will refund the client with the total amount for the extra service if already paid by the client.



The present information (Information) is provided in compliance with art. 13 Italian Legal Decree n.196/2003- Italian Privacy Code. Purposes of data processing in compliance with art. 13 Italian Legal Decree n. 196/2003- Italian Privacy Code


Weekey Rentals Srl inform that the personal data regarding the use of which will be disclosed in relation to the Terms and Conditions, or in accordance with specific conditions or at least part of the treatments prescribed by running reports, contracts, sales orders with the User will be processed, in accordance with the above regulations and in accordance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality. The personal information of Users voluntarily made available to the Weekey Rentals Srl will be collected and used to: contact the user who has requested it, for the presentation of its products, including by sending informational and promotional purposes, including commercial, of advertising material and / or offers of goods and services via mail, internet, telephone, email, MMS, SMS; send newsletters to the user, if requested; studies and statistical and market. The identity of the owner for the treatment of the data provided are as follows: Weekey Rentals Ltd, Rome, Piazza Confienza no. 3 (00185); the data will be stored at the premises of the owner for the time defined by the relevant regulations. The data will be collected, processed and stored in full compliance with the provisions of Articles 31 and following of the Privacy Act and the Technical Regulations - Annex B to the Code - regarding security measures. Weekey Rentals Srl does not process operations of "sensitive" personal data (personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union, as well as personal data disclosing health and sex life) or "judicial" or operations diffusion of personal identification information. The diffusion and in general the treatment will instead be subject to a set of non-identifying aggregated for purposes of statistical or data are processed anonymously.


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