General Terms of Service and Use of the Website


The navigation and use of the website (below, for brevity, “Site”) involves the full acceptance of these General Terms of Use (below, for brevity, “General Terms”) as well as other special conditions and legal notes, possibly published in the appropriate pages and/or sections of the Site for the use of individual services and/or contents and/or materials of any kind (below, for brevity, “Contents”) Anyone wishing to navigate the pages of the Site, must abide by the General Terms, and declare that they have been viewed and accepted; if you do not wish to accept the General Terms, you only need to refrain from browsing the pages of the Site. Anyone who accesses the Site implicitly declares that they do not use the Site and the material contained in it for illicit purposes or otherwise contrary to the current legal rules. The General Conditions can be changed by Weekey Rentals S.r.l., owner of the Site, at any time, without the fact that the Users are given notice and notwithstanding the burden of them to review them periodically before accessing the Contents of the Site. Access to the Site, after such changes, entails full and unconditional adherence to the General Terms as modified. The obligations and guarantees specified below, are lent by the User both on his own and for the fact of any third party connected to him and/or that is authorized by him to use the Site.


The General Terms govern the terms of use of the Contents and The Site, which is owned by Weekey Rentals S.r.l. The use and navigation within the Site is intended as a tacit acceptance of these General Conditions. The website is an on-line information portal that aims to provide an overview of the promotional and conventional activities of Weekey Rentals S.r.l., the products and services offered by it and how to use them. All the contents of the Site (news, photos, videos, sounds, brands, logos, domain names, application software, graphic layouts, technical documentation and manuals, etc.) and related rights are reserved, so they can be consulted exclusively for personal information purposes, being expressly prohibited any different use without the prior written consent of Weekey Rentals S.r.l. On the Site links connected to other websites can be inserted; such hyper-links only have the function of facilitating the navigation of the User without there being any relationship between the content of the Site and that of the third site reached. In addition, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. discloses that it may not affect the structure of third-party sites linked to its own in any way, nor to be aware of the veracity, correctness and adequacy of the materials and/or information contained in them.

Intellectual and industrial property

All content of the Site is protected by the current copyright and industrial ownership rules; it is therefore prohibited any operation of extraction or redeployment, not expressly authorized, of the material present on the Site, as well as any other activity that may infringe the legitimate interests of the authors and holders of the rights to the works of ingenuity accessible there. The Site and its contents can be used exclusively for personal purposes, of research or teaching, with the exclusion of directly or indirectly commercial purposes, provided that the holder of the right is clearly indicated and that the contents of the Site are not in any way modified.

For example, but it is not exhaustive, the content of the Site must be understood as:





charts and tables;


audio playbacks;

animated drawings or not;

any graphical and/or text representation in general.

Therefore, it is not possible to copy and/or reproduce all or part of the content of the Site without the express permission of Weekey Rentals S.r.l. At the same time, it should be noted that all the trademarks, domain names, social names, companies and signs on the Site are exclusive ownership of Weekey Rentals S.r.l. (except as planned below) and therefore protected by the current legislation regarding distinctive signs. It is therefore absolutely forbidden to reproduce in any form or way without the express permission of Weekey Rentals S.r.l. Please note that in the pages of the Site there could be location of trademarks, domain names, social names, companies and signs in the hands of third parties, with which Weekey Rentals S.r.l. has collaboration in various capacities, which enjoy the same protection granted to the hallmarks of Weekey Rentals S.r.l. by the current rules on the matter.

How to use the Site

Weekey Rentals S.r.l. announces that the content of the Site cannot be, in all or part, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transcribed, transmitted or distributed, in any way or form, without prior written permission, except for the printing, download and display of part of the content of the Site for exclusively personal and non-commercial purposes and provided that the material in question is not in any way modified and that all information relating to intellectual property rights and/or industrial rights is maintained. In addition, the content of the Site cannot be disseminated, in whole or in part, through communication channels, such as the Internet, television, radio or any other nature without prior written authorization from Weekey Rentals S.r.l. The information and materials contained in the Site may not, moreover, be used for commercial purposes in order to establish databases of any kind and/or type, nor be stored (in whole or in part) in preexisting databases, both accessible exclusively by the constituent, or made available to third parties.

Linking and framing

Without the written permission of Weekey Rentals S.r.l., it is in no way allowed to create links to the first page of the Site currently accessible to the web address (below, for brevity, “Home Page”) nor to any other page inside the Site. If, however, there is an interest in creating a link to the Home Page on your site, a written request must be sent to Weekey Rentals S.r.l. with the following information: 1) data relating to the person responsible for the technical aspects of site management where you want to enter the link to the Home Page (including the e-mail address and phone number); 2) data of the applicant company; 3) the indication of the web address of the site where such a link will be created; 4) any further information is deemed useful in order to obtain permission from Weekey Rentals S.r.l. Specific links that allow the user to be sent back to an internal page without going through the Home Page (“deeplinking”), as well as “inlinelinking” links that allow the user to automatically view images from the Site in a specific space. Framings are also prohibited, which allow a site page to appear on a specific page on another site, making the content of that page appear in a self-contained navigation browser window. In this regard, it should be noted that the violation of what is envisaged in this article constitutes conduct which can also be prosecuted in terms of unfair competition, which is governed by the current rules on the matter.

Limitation of responsibility

All content published on the Site is provided for the purpose of general information. Weekey Rentals S.r.l. provides no guarantee of their accuracy and completeness and reserves the right to modify and update that information without any notice; in addition, Weekey Rentals S.r.l. will not be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, including the terminating profit, resulting from the use or impossibility of using the Site and its contents, or sites linked to it directly or indirectly, as well as omissions or errors.


If a clause of these General Conditions is deemed illegal, nothing, or for any ineffective reason, that clause will be considered to be separate from the other clauses, without affecting the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

Applicable law and competent forum

With the exception of all the rights of the Users referred to in the current regulations, national or international, these General Terms will be subject to Italian law and will be interpreted under the same, including any dispute concerning the existence, validity and effectiveness of the General Conditions and any other agreement that is referred to them. In the above, the Forum responsible for knowing of any source dispute with reference to these General Conditions, as well as any other agreement that is postponed to them, will be that of Rome.

Company Information

Weekey Rentals S.r.l., Legal Headquarters in Rome, Via Lusitania 4 (00185); telephone 06/86976166; PEC; social capital – 10,000.00; VAT number and tax code 11983491009; REA RM-1341517.

Property booking

A property is considered to be booked only after Weekey Rentals Srl has received the deposit (booking deposit) of the booking and only after you have received the confirmation email (voucher). The confirmation email (voucher) contains all the details of the booking, the name and address of the property, the contact numbers, the amount of the deposit paid and that of the balance to be paid on arrival, as well as any other information and/or instruction related to check-in and check-out operations. The online booking of the property, valid for all identifiable properties on the site, will take into account the following procedure: check the availability of the property through the calendar present within the tab of each property; fill in the form in each property sheet by entering your personal data in the respective required fields (last name, first name, place and date of birth, e-mail address, telephone contact), taking care to enter those required obligatory, and accepting with the visa the conditions and terms related to the processing of sensitive data (Privacy Code) and these General Terms; finish the booking operation by accessing the payment of the deposit (booking deposit) requested by credit card or bank transfer, or through the secure paypal payment system; within 48 hours of booking, a deadline reserved for Weekey Rentals Srl to accept or not to accept the booking itself: in case of acceptance by Weekey Rentals Srl., the system will send an e-mail confirming the booking (voucher), at the e-mail address entered during registration, in which all the information useful to the User related to the booking will be reported (name and address of the property, contact numbers, the amount of deposit paid and that of the balance to be paid on arrival, as well as any other information and/or instruction related to the check-in and check-out operations); otherwise, in case of non-acceptance by Weekey Rentals Srl, that is, in the case of non-sending the welcome email and confirmation of the booking (voucher), the booking must be meaning without any effectiveness and/or effect and the payment of the deposit (booking down payment) will be refunded to you by Weekey Rentals S.r.l. according to the same way and as conditions with which the payment was arranged (that is, in the case of pre-authorization to payment by credit card, will be ordered by Weekey Rentals Srl the release of the relevant amount). The online booking process provides a limited time of 15 minutes to complete, and then confirm, by the User, the booking outright. The 15-minute deadline must start from the time of access to the payment step, in the booking process, with the entry of your credit card information. After the deadline indicated the booking request will be understood to be cancelled and, as a result, the required structure will be considered free and, therefore, bookable for the same period by other Users. For all the necessary information, or otherwise to have direct contact with a dedicated operator, you can write directly to

Terms of payment

The payment of the advance (booking deposit) must be made at the time of booking the property by credit card or bank transfer, or through the secure paypal payment system; In any case, any bank charges are borne by you. The price of the advance is determined as a percentage of between 20 and 40 of the total cost of the stay, varying depending on the type of property, the number of Users, the seasonal period of the year and any required ancillary services. The payment of the balance can be freely made by the User: in cash, at the time of his arrival at the property, but this is only if the amount still to be paid is equal to or less than the amount of €1,000.00; for higher amounts, in fact, cash payment is not permitted by law; by credit card or bank transfer, or through the secure paypal payment system; any bank charges will be borne by you. In any case, chosen by you one of these payment methods, the balance must be made at least 5 days before the start of the period of stay. If you book one of the properties for a period of stay no earlier than 5 days from the beginning of the last minute stay, you will be required to pay in full the cost of your stay, and that of any required ancillary services, from the moment of booking; payment must always be made as indicated (by credit card or bank transfer, or through the secure paypal payment system).

Residence fee

In some locations there is a payment of a residence fee that is not included in the total cost and the amount of which must be paid in cash upon arrival.

Terms for cancellations (apartments in Rome and Venice)

All cancellations or changes must be made by e-mail or fax. Phone cancellations or changes are not accepted.

For apartments in Rome, Milan and Venice, the customer can cancel for free up to 14 days before arrival. The customer pays 30% of the total cost if he cancels in the 14 days before arrival. If the customer does not show up, he will have to pay the total amount.

For villas and other properties, the customer can cancel for free up to 30 days before arrival. The customer pays 30 of the total cost if he cancels in the 30 days before arrival. If the customer does not show up, he will have to pay the total amount.

If the guest changes dates or changes the property, it will be considered as a new booking and the standard cancellation procedure will be applied.

In the event that Weekey Rentals Srl is no longer able to offer you the booked structure, that is, no longer able to maintain it, for any reason related to the usability of the same, Weekey Rentals Srl will reserve the right to transfer the costumer to other structure of similar or higher characteristics and qualities. If, however, the alternative proposal does not meet the liking of the costumer and, therefore, it will not be possible to reach any agreement, Weekey Rentals Srl will refund the costumer the entire amount paid, with the only exception of that corresponding to any days of stay already consumed. No other liability can be attributed to Weekey Rentals Srl.


Before their arrival or, at the latest, at check-in, guests are advised to pay a security deposit, or to provide the details of a credit card in progress, to ensure that the property, its furnishings and all its contents are returned in the same good condition and without damage. Depending on the type of property and its qualities, the security deposit to be paid at check-in will be between 200.00 and 2,000.00 euros. The security deposit can be paid through the PayPal secure payment system, or as a pre-authorization on credit cards, or cash. Weekey Rentals Srl, to ensure the maximum efficiency and quality of the check-out operations, in case of dealing directly with them, reserves the return of the amount of the security deposit within the next 5 working days from the conclusion of the check-out operations, after the inspection of the property; the return will be in the same way as the payment system used previously (except for the bank transfer). The amount of damage to the property, its furnishings and all its contents, caused by the guests, will be deducted from the deposit; if you are liable for any damages greater than that of the security deposit, you will still be held responsible.

Check-in and check-out

Upon arrival, a person in charge will wait for you at the property to start check-in operations; It will be your care, therefore, to communicate at least 3 days before the start of the stay the exact time of your arrival, by e-mail or telephone. However, you must give a telephone alert 30 minutes before you arrive at one of the telephone numbers indicated in the confirmation email (voucher); otherwise Weekey Rentals Srl will not be able to guarantee that check-in operations will be carried out on time and without waiting. Similarly, in case of delay in arrival of more than 1 hour compared to the indicated contact phone call. For this time, it is advisable to always have with you the printed copy of the booking confirmation email (voucher) containing all the directions related to the stay, as well as how to have contact with the person in charge. You must also carry a copy of the passport of all guests. Weekey Rentals Srl’s knowledge of the details and travel schedules of the guest will allow you to more efficiently manage check-in operations with the reception agent; otherwise, any waits and/or delays in check-in operations will not be Weekey Rentals Srl’s responsibility. The property will be available from 14.00 but, in any case, Weekey Rentals Srl will try to grant accommodation to the Guests even if they will arrive in advance of that time, compatible with the management of other Guests. Check-in can still be completed between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m., but if it is done beyond 9 p.m., you will be asked for an extra fee of 25.00 euros or 50.00 euros. The extra fee will also be required in case of check in on holidays. The property will be delivered clean and ordered, in accordance with the schedule for check-in operations (i.e. after 2 p.m.), and prepared for the number of guests indicated in the confirmation email (voucher); you are encouraged to give timely notice of any malfunctions and/or ruptures encountered at the time of entry. Otherwise, you will be held liable and the repair costs will be charged to you by withholding the corresponding value from the amount paid as a deposit. The Guest will still be held responsible for any damage to the furnishings and all the contents of the property that will be caused during the period of the stay. The property must be left vacant by 10 a.m.; any delays to the specified time, if not previously authorised by Weekey Rentals Srl, will be sanctioned with the amount of 30.00 euros from this withheld by the amount paid as a deposit. Where you can leave the property after 10 a.m., you can stay in the same place until 6 p.m., paying an additional supplement to the total cost of the stay equal to the measure of 50% of the daily cost of the property; If, on the other hand, the departure will take place after 18.00, you will be required to pay an additional amount to the full cost of a day’s stay. The property will have to be left in decent condition, taking care to have taken all your belongings; The keys of the same must be left inside, on view on the table, or delivered directly to the operator in charge of the check-out operations.

Cleaning of the property

The final cleaning and laundry rental costs are not included in the rates, this amount depends on the destination and the number of guests and, if applicable, must be paid to a different company upon arrival:

The property will be cleaned and ordered before the arrival of the Guests; they will have to ensure that the waste is disposed properly before leaving, as indicated by the check-in operator, as well as the cleaning of the dishes and the kitchen. In a different case, the guest will be charged extra cleaning costs, withholding them from what paid as a deposit. In any case, the services of cleaning of the property and of supplying the laundry will be provided by a legal entity other than Weekey Rentals Srl. and, therefore, will be billed to the guest not by Weekey Rentals Srl., but by the different legal entity.

Guest number and identity

You must give due and correct information to Weekey Rentals Srl about the number and the identity of the guests; In fact, only persons indicated at the time of booking (and present in the voucher both nominally and numerically) will be able to have access to the property, if not agreed otherwise, and directly, with Weekey Rentals Srl. However, and in any case, the number of guests present within a property will not be higher than that assigned to each property, in accordance with the current provisions, except for children under the age of 2. The presence of pets, of any type, breed and/or size, will be allowed only with permission, from the stage of the booking of the property, by Weekey Rentals Srl and by the property ownership. Any violations of these requirements will reserve the right to Weekey Rentals Srl to resolve the agreements with you and to remove you from the property without having anything to claim and/or compensate with the cost of your stay.

Conduct in the property

The guest who uses the property must respect the time of silence from 22.00 to 10.00, out of respect for the other residents and, this, given that the properties are in residential buildings. Any violation that would result in complaints from residents will reserve the right to Weekey Rentals Srl to withdraw from agreements with the User, requesting their removal from the property without having anything to claim and/or compensate with the cost of the stay, with the loss of the amount corresponding to the entire value of the residence and the deposit. You and other guests are required to have a proper, correct and decent demeanour; in the event of irresponsible and/or improper conduct, by anyone in place, Weekey Rentals Srl. will reserve the right to withdraw from agreements with the User, requesting their removal from the property without the latter having anything to claim and/or compensate with the cost of the stay, with the loss of the down payment and the deposit.

Booking services

The products and/or services, individual or packages, offered by Weekey Rentals Srl. are valid for the dates and times indicated and described on the website. Weekey Rentals Srl. is not, however, responsible for that information that it does not provide directly. All requests for booking a service must be sent by the Guest by e-mail to Weekey Rentals Srl. to the e-mail address, or booked directly from the site through the Direct Booking system. The user, having booked the service and/or service package, will receive a confirmation email (voucher), containing all the indications of the service and/or service package, at the e-mail address indicated at the time of booking; we recommend that the User has a printed copy of the confirmation email (voucher). All requests for change of previous bookings must be sent by the User by e-mail to Weekey Rentals Srl. to the e-mail address If you request a change of a previous booking, Weekey Rentals Srl., as far as possible and in accordance with the availability of other dates and/or other times and/or other conditions, will seek to honor the request of the User to offer the service; otherwise: if the request for modification arrives, in the forms and modalities specified above, at least 10 days before the confirmation of the service, Weekey Rentals Srl. will apply a penalty in a percentage of between 20 and 50 of the cost of the service and/or services, for each Guest; If, on the other hand, the request comes 10 days, or less, before the confirmation of the service, Weekey Rentals Srl. will apply a penalty equal to the entire cost of the service and/or services, for each Guest. In any case, Weekey Rentals Srl. expressly reserves the right to cancel and/or modify and/or replace any service and/or package of services booked, at any time and for any reason, by offering you an alternative service and/or package of services, of equal or higher value and quality. If you do not accept the proposed alternative, you will be entitled to a refund of the purchase price of the service and/or the package of services already paid.


Weekey Rentals Srl. will not be liable for direct and/or indirect damage that may arise to the User, without limitation, including losses by chance, fire, theft, criminal behavior, illness, machinery failure, acts of war and/or terrorism, adverse weather conditions, any transport vehicle defects or any misadventure or other causes. Still, Weekey Rentals Srl will not be liable, for example (not limited to the cases only, but can be included) for closing the premises and/or target areas of the service and/or service package, if the closure is due to facts outside the control of Weekey Rentals Srl, that is, this has been notified without extensive and adequate time to give notice to the User, that is, still by sudden decision of the management of the premises and/or the area, for bad weather, for demonstrations and/or parades and/or protests, for excessive traffic, for operations of restoration of areas and/or premises, for any other motivation to shut down the public dependent on factors and circumstances outside the control powers of Weekey Rentals. The User will therefore not be entitled to claim any compensation. It is advisable to sign up for a special travel insurance.

Treatment of personal data

This policy (below, for brevity, even just “Policy”) is made under art. 13 of the d.lgs. 196/2003, the Code on the Protection of Personal data (below, for brevity, even just “Code”). The purpose of the treatment under art. 13 of the d.lgs. n. 196/2003 – Code on the protection of personal data, Weekey Rentals Srl informs that the data relating to users that Weekey Rentals will be aware of in relation to the General Terms, or on the basis of the special conditions or in any case in the context of the treatment provided by the execution of the reports, contracts, commercial orders with the User will be processed, in accordance with the above regulations and according to the principles of fairness, law. The personal data of the User made available by the Weekey Rentals Srl. will be collected and used to: contact the users who requested it, entering for this purpose their data in this section of the Site, for the presentation of your products, also by sending information and promotional communications, also of a commercial nature, advertising material and/or offers of goods and services, by mail, internet, telephone, e-mail, send newsletters to the User, where requested; statistical and market research. The owner’s identification details for the processing of the data provided are as follows: Weekey Rentals Srl., current in Rome, Piazza Confienza No. 3 (00185); The data will be stored at the owner’s location for the time defined by the relevant legislation. The data will be collected, processed and stored in full compliance with Articles 31 and following of the Privacy Code and the Technical Discipline – Attachment B to the Code – in relation to security measures. There are no operations by the Weekey Rentals S.r.l. holder to process personal data defined as “sensitive” (personal data suitable to reveal racial and ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a religious, philosophical, political or trade union nature, as well as personal data suitable to reveal the state of health and sexual life) or “judicial”, operations of diffusion of personal identificative data. The dissemination and in general the treatment may instead have a set of unidentified data aggregated for the purpose of statistical detection or data however treated anonymously.